Sofia's Dream


So how do we share the need to safeguard the resources of planet Earth with our children and how do we engage our children in taking care of our planet? We don't want to scare anyone; this is about making them aware of the problem and showing them they can be a part of the solution.

With a perky rhyming voice and gentle, starlit illustrations which imply a magical presence, Sofia's Dream introduces us to the moon high in the sky. Sofia spies it there and wonders at its "opal glow." There she is safe and snug in her comfy bed. But she hears something and goes to her window. The friendly moon calls, "Hello," to her and they form a fast friendship.

When Sofia ventures forth in her dreams, she visits the moon and turns to see the Earth through a moon's eye view. Things don't look so good from up there. Her friend the moon is sad.

Through her friend she has gained a new point of view and now she sees that the Earth is a great gift. That's as far as it goes. No lecturing follows.

This would make a nice read aloud to introduce caring for our planet.

40 pages    978-0982993811       Ages 5-9

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,



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