On a snowy day there's nothing more fun than going outside to build a snowman and everyone has seen the carrot nose and the coal eyes. But, wait. What if you made an entire snow family even a snow dog??? Oh, and let's find some wonderful things in Mom's sack of good things to make each snow person very special. What a wonderful way to inspire children to think outside the box and to make their own unique creations. 40 pages


Do the birds know that snow is coming?  

What can a family do to help those birds find something good to eat when there is snow all around? They can build an entire snow person family.

FIrst they build the snow dad using popcorn and raisins and even a strawberry.  Then they build the snow mom who has a lovely rainbow colored purse filled with peanuts.  

This is a wonderful read aloud for ages 2-5.  You can ask them to tell you what the snow person or snow dog or snow cat is made of.  Children get so excited as they discover the everyday objects that are suddenly transformed into noses and buttons and all ready for a hungry bird to enjoy.

Full length, vertical illustrations make the snow people easy to see with a class of twenty.


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