Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep

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Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep

Winter is coming and it's time for Big Bear to go to sleep. But he hears the voice of Old Man Winter. Now, Old Man Winter is whispering Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep. But BIg Bear is a little bit hard of hearing. He doesn't quite get what Old Man winter is telling him. So, this tired old, yawning bear, drives a jeep and leaps and sweeps and dives deep and climbs a steep mountain. He is exhausted until finally Old Man Winter shouts "Go to Sleep" and Old Bear says, "Why didn't you say that before?" and off he goes to his comfy cave. Good night!

I did this as a read aloud for story time at the library and it was amazing to watch the young faces be mesmerized by the whispering of Old Man Winter. Something about the quietness made them extra "present" with me. Very cool!

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