Skybreaker (Matt Cruse Trilogy, Book 2)

Skybreaker  (Matt Cruse Trilogy, Book 2)

Kenneth Oppel certainly knows how to grab the reader's attention from the first page and not let go! At the beginning of this action-packed sequel to Airborn, 16-year-old Matt Cruse, now a student at the Airship Academy in Paris, is assigned to a two-week training cruise on board a dilapidated airship commanded by an overconfident, irresponsible captain. While piloting the vessel through a dangerous typhoon at an unsafe altitude, the crew spots a ship, the Hyperion, that disappeared forty years before--and that is rumored to carry great wealth.

Because of the double dangers of weather and altitude, the coordinates of the Hyperion are lost, and only Matt recalls them. After Matt makes his way back to Paris, he is approached by several individuals interested in the information he possesses, but quickly learns that not everyone can be trusted. What are the motives behind the beautiful gypsy girl's interest in the Hyperion, or those of the owner of a pressurized airship?

As Matt and his companion-in-adventure Kate De Vries, now a biology student and a pilot herself, join them in the quest to find the Hyperion, they find themselves pitted against a band of pirates intent on reaching the lost ship--and its riches--first. What they discover is beyond their wildest imaginings, and it takes all their ingenuity (and a little help from some unusual creatures) to survive. 369 pages. Ages 12 up

Recommended by : Basya Karp

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