Skullduggery Pleasant

Skullduggery Pleasant

Meet Skulduggery Pleasant

Ace Detective Snappy Dresser Razor–tongued Wit Crackerjack Sorcerer and Walking, Talking, Fire-throwing Skeleton

—as well as ally, protector, and mentor of Stephanie Edgley, a very unusual and darkly talented twelve-year-old.

These two alone must defeat an all-consuming ancient evil.

The end of the world?

Over his dead body.--from the publisher

400 pages    978-0061231155   Ages 10-14

Editor's Note: This is a quintessential Jokester book!

******* Twelve year old Stephanie Edgley has just inherited her eccentric Uncle Gordon's estate. At his funeral, she is surprised to see an odd fellow dressed in a trenchcoat, sunglasses, a hat and a scarf. She can't see much of him but it turns out she's very glad he is there as he is about to rescue her from an assailant who comes after her as she visits the house she has just inherited. Turns out Stephanie's inheritance has just swept her into a world of evil, magic, treachery, danger, violence and possibly the world as we know it being commandeered by an evil being named Serpine. Lucky for Stephanie she has her new friend who turns out to be a skeleton/detective and who goes by the name of Skullduggery Pleasant. The two new comrades, Stephanie and Skullduggery, team up to enter this world of action-packed danger, evil and quest for infinite power. Does she have what it takes to defeat this evil? Can the two together solve this mystery and stop the forces at work? Action-packed, violence balanced by humor, characters who call to your sense of loyalty.

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,

Series includes 9 books


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