Skinjacker Trilogy, Book 1: Everlost

Skinjacker Trilogy, Book 1:  Everlost

Everlost is Book One of The Skinjacker Trilogy. After a car accident kills them both, teenagers Allie and Nick wake up in Everlost, the land for kids who don't quite "get to where they're going" when they die. The first person they meet is a boy they call Lief- he's been in Everlost so long that he's forgotten his real name- who shows them the ropes. Lief tells Allie and Nick all about this after-life world. If a dead person stands on a spot in the living world too long, he or she will sink to the center of the earth. There's a horrible monster called the McGill out there that they will definitely want to avoid. And the last thing they should try to do is leave their forest and go home. But Allie and Nick aren't interested in sticking around the forest for eternity, and they set off almost immediately. Now, the adventure really begins. Allie and Nick encounter everything from kid pirate-monsters to the Hindenburg to prophetic fortune cookies. The action doesn't let up, even beyond the climax at Atlantic City's long-gone Steel Pier. But Everlost is more than just a thrill ride. Shusterman's characters all have different ideas of what being an Afterlight means, and Nick in particular searches for his purpose in his new world. Allie questions authority, saves her friends, and outsmarts the McGill. In Allie, Shusterman gives the reader a genuine heroine: brave, smart, and determined. She wants to go home at any cost, if only to find out whether her father survived the accident. Nick's face is eternally smeared with chocolate, as he was downing a chocolate bar when the accident occurred. He seems a bit gloomy and whiny at first, but he grows into a courageous and thoughtful hero. 336 pages.

Contributed by Stacy Nockowitz, Middle School Language Arts Teacher

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