Shrinking Violet

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Shrinking Violet

VIolet really doesn't want people to look at her. She doesn't want to carry the flag at school especially not when Irwin says he'll be watching her fat knees. She gets so embarrassed she just wants to shrink away and she pretends to tie her shoe .Irwin has to write "I must be kind to others," on the blackboard one hundred times. Irwin loves to tease Violet and he makes her feel like disappearing. Her friends talk to her and encourage her to tease Irwin back. "Tell him he has dirty ears...." "and blue-cheese breath and llama lips." For as long as Violet can remember she has not liked to be watched. She does love to watch though and she notices everything. When she's playing, she can "sing the Hound Dog song like Elvis Presley," and imitate the President. Then, at school, her teacher, Mrs. Maxwell announces they are going to put on a play. Mrs. Maxwell gives Violet the part of the Space Lady and she gets to speak from a "dark and mysterious place...offstage." Violet practices and practices. The night of the play Irwin spins out of line and the planets get all mixed up. But it's Violet to the rescue -she rescues Irwin and she rescues herself. Bravo!

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