Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind

Shabanu:  Daughter of the Wind

Teenager? Rebellious? Living in Pakistan? This is the beautiful story of Shabanu a young Pakistani girl who lives a life quite different from the teens in America. In Shabanu's world her father's word is the rule. She and her sister will have their marriages arranged for them. This is the way of their people. But, tragedy strikes and a vengeful man will step in and change Shabanu's life forever. Being a girl of great spirit, it's difficult for Shabanu to subject herself to someone else's will. How will she deal with the hand she has been dealt by fate? HAVELI and HOUSE OF DJINN follow in the trilogy.


  1. Eleven-year old Shabanu lives in the Cholistan Desert in Pakistan with her family. Shabanu and her sister are the only two children of her mother and father and since there were no boys Shabanu as the youngest has been allowed more freedoms than other girls her age.  In Shabanu’s time a daughter will always obey her father no matter what and wives are expected to obey and do what their husbands say. This is hard for Shabanu to accept even though her marriage has already been arranged for her. She knows that once she is married she will no longer be able to do many of the things she does now and she will lose all of her freedom.


        1. Shabanu’s sister Phulan is excited to marry and can’t wait for her wedding day to arrive. They will be marrying brothers one year apart and will at least have each other close by.



    As Phulan’s marriage day nears disaster strikes and changes the course of both of their lives. Shabanu faces many emotions and feelings, striving to change into the young women she is expected to be even though she isn’t sure she can follow through with the choices her father has made for her. If Shabanu decides to let her strong spirit win it could ruin her family but if she follows what her father has planned it may break her. What will she choose?

    Recommended by: Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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