Seek and Count


Full of surprises and flaps to lift, this sturdy board book is packed with fun.  Designed as a book to teach quantity and counting and numbers, it will hold the attention of the wigglers as they lift the flap to see what is really going on.  The first page presents us with the shape of an egg in the midst of cracking and the number one along with the word ONE.  One egg is what we see as the mystery begins.  Lift the flap and what do you see? One bright yellow baby chick jauntily heading out into the great wide world.

Turn the page for the number two and a bright red flower that invites us to lift its flap upwards.  What will be waiting under the flap this time?

Number three has a large red heap of something.  Lift that flap to see what it could be.  The counting continues with the hidden objects offering greater quantities and much delight.

Can you predict what will be under that flap?  Wonderful way to spend some time with your toddler.

20 pages            978-9888341399          Ages 1-3

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


A counting book full of numbers, words, and beautiful objects to discover.

In this clever lift-the-flap book, each page appears to have only one object on it. But lift the flaps and look again to discover what is really going on. Each page reveals brilliantly colorful surprises. An egg cracks open to reveal one baby chick. A tulip is hiding two butterflies, and a blanket reveals three kittens. This counting book is full of peel-a-boo surprises!--from the publisher

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