Sector 7


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Clarion 1999
Science Curriculum

Magic?  Mystery?  Adventure?  School field trip?

School field trips will never be the same.  A big yellow school bus filled with students is headed to the Empire State Building in New York City for a class field trip.  Pan back from the building and you can see how it seems to go on forever rising into the sky.  It's so much bigger than normal buildings that it seems magical.

When one boy makes it to the top of the Empire State Building the magic reveals itself.  A cloud floats by and scoops the boy up.  Together they float to Sector 7, a mysterious place with a passing resemblance to Penn. Station in New York City.  This is where clouds are born.

On a giant overhead board the newly formed clouds with their entertaining personalities are assigned to their place in the sky.  

Next time you are having an ordinary day, look up. See any clouds? Wondering where they were born?  Turn your imagination loose and you may find yourself in another Sector too!

Ages 6-10   32 pages  978-0395746561

Recommended by:  Barb

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