Cap, short for Capricorn, is a 13-year-old boy when he has his run in with the law. The offense? Driving without a license. But Cap has been driving for years. He has been living with his grandmother on a farm - think hippie commune- and has had little contact with modern culture. He has used a phone once.

Mostly he helps with the work on the farm, until the day his grandmother crawls out on the branch of a plum tree and takes a fall. She hurts herself badly and can't take care of Cap for a while. So, Cap finds himself with a "foster family" and is dropped into the 8th grade in a public school.

To start a new school is hard, but to start a new school and be really different from everyone else??? Cap doesn't understand why anyone would need a locker, and he does Tai Chi out in the schoolyard. His clothes are out of the ordinary, shall we say. Enter the popular 8th grade bully and stack him up against Cap. The pranks begin but how will Cap choose to respond to those pranks.  Just who is about to be schooled?    

Ages 10-13 225 pages  978-1423105169

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(Updated: February 15, 2013)
It really made me connect with the character and feel what he felt. The plot was really complicated yet the author made me understand it really well.
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