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Kids Can Press September 2013

"Watch  out, Little Mouse!
"...a  weasel!
Run  home, Little Mouse, as fast as you can!"

There  are numerous facets of RUN HOME, LITTLE MOUSE that sent ME scurrying
 -- to learn more about the work and works of author/illustrator Britta
Teckentrup, I  love the style of the illustrations here, particularly the textures and
colors that make up Little Mouse and the bodies of the predators
encountered by Little Mouse on its way home in the dark.

I  love that this is one of those gross motor stories.  There is big
movement  throughout: The bounding fox; the flying owl; the tip toeing cat; the
squawking  crow; and others are stretched across two-page spreads.
The  die-cuts are repeatedly employed here for our seeing glowing eyes in
the  dark and wondering/anticipating who we will next encounter when we turn
the  page.

We  have the repeating refrain -- "Run home, Little Mouse, as fast as you
can!" --  which we can all excitedly join in on.

It  all makes me really smile.  And I don't even like mice!
But  I would jump at the chance to get really young kids involved in a
read-aloud of this one.  And I'd then pair it with a reading of  the Rose
Fyleman/Lois Ehlert picture book "Mice."

Recommended by:  Richie  Partington, MLIS, Librarian, California USA
Richie's Picks _http://richiespicks.com_ (
[email protected]

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