Roland Wright: Future Knight

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Roland Wright: Future Knight

With a blast of trumpets the messenger from the King announces that one of the sons of the blacksmith, Mr. Wright, will be offered a chance to be a page at the castle and if he succeeds he may rise to squire and then to knight. Young Roland Wright has always dreamed of being a knight and this is his chance. Turns out his older brother , Shelby, has his eye on the castle as well. With great wisdom the blacksmith informs his two sons that they will compete for the right to be the page and he will choose the boy best suited to the job. Roland, with his pet mouse, Nudge, tucked neatly in his pocket, heads off to talk to a real knight about what he needs to know to win the competition. The advice he receives is to be true to himself in all things. This book combines humor and fun with nobility and quest. Older brothers are ever the scourge of younger brothers and here Shelby seems to win all the battles. But, Roland it turns out has some shining qualities of his own. Entertaining and offering a bit of wisdom on how to be a "great" guy. 128 pages

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