Rocky Zang in The Amazing Mr. Magic


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Candlewick February 2014
Character-Building Curriculum

The creator of the Judy Moody and Stink books has adventured off into the wonderful world of the newly emerging independent reader for a new series of books called JUDY MOODY AND FRIENDS.

Meet Rocky Zang better known as the Amazing Mr. Magic.  He can pull a flower out of thin air, make a hankie change colors and even send his own thumb flying across the room.  But can he do card tricks?

Lucky for Rocky, he lives just across the street from the one and only Judy Moody and her little brother Stink.  Judy is happy to teach some magic card tricks all her own to Rocky.  She's even willing to help him stage the Best Backyard Magic Show Ever.  Judy magically transforms herself in Stella the Spectacular and becomes Rocky's magic assistant.

Just how Spectacular will Judy/Stella be?  Just how thrilled will Stink be with the magical tricks?  Will Stella, Rocky and some Abracadabra Jelly-ka-zam magic words deliver the Best Backyard Magic Show Ever or will it turn into a Supersonic Flub-a-roo?

Delivered in three magical chapters!

978-0763657161   Ages  5-9  64 pages

Recommended by:  Barb

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