Road Trip With Max and His Mom

Road Trip With Max and His Mom

Sometimes is life is about doing something new and different.  It can be about exploring and it can be an unexpected adventure.   At school Max is about to have the adventure of standing up in front of his class to do his oral report about the explorer, Ernest Shackleton.  Ernest Shackleton had a lot of adventures and hardships.  He wanted to take his crew and walk to the South Pole.  After reading his biography, Max has decided he wants to be an explorer just like Ernest Shackleton.

Max's mom has an idea that is perfect for an explorer.  She is planning to go on a road trip with Max.  The two of them are going to drive from Michigan to Pennsylvania to go to a family reunion.  The whole family is going to get together to celebrate the 100th birthday of Great-Great Aunt Victory.

Max has a great big heart that cares about his dad and his mom.  Max has a brain that sometimes makes mistakes in front of the whole class.

Turns out exploring and adventures need a little bit of heart and a little bit of courage and an extra bit of determination and curiosity.  A wonderful mother/son story about family, love and acceptance.

160 pages     978-0544809123    Ages 6-10

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


In this sweet and funny companion to Weekends with Max and His Dad by acclaimed author Linda Urban, Max and his mom embark on a road trip as they adjust to their new understanding of family.

Third-grader Max is heading off on a road trip with Mom. With miles to travel, cousins to meet, and a tall roller coaster to ride (maybe), it will be an adventure! But Max always spends weekends with Dad; will Dad be okay if he’s left behind? And will Max be brave enough for all the new explorations ahead of him?--from the publisher

160 pages     978-0544809123    Ages 6-10

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