Ring of Five: Ghost Roads Book 3


This is the exciting and thrilling conclusion to the Ring of Five trilogy. Readers will wonder throughout the book who they can believe when dealing with this world of spies. Ambrose Longford the leader of the Ring of Five is determined to control both the Upper World and Lower World by plunging the Upper World into a war of catastrophic proportions.  Longford's scheming undermines Danny's attempts to prevent war as he is cleverly portrayed to the leaders of the Upper World as the biggest threat to peace.

Danny has the power to be a source of great destruction and his struggle between doing what is right and the lure of evil, creates a complex character with the potential to lead the plot in a number of directions.  This keeps the reader guessing.

As Danny continues to struggle with his role in the spy world he questions who is worthy of his trust.  The concept of the ghost roads, a place where reality and the imagined weave in and out of each other is particularly well imagined.  The ghost roads add an eerie feel of the deep swamps and things of which nightmares are made.  Fear for Danny's success in his endeavors is a constant companion.

Some parts of the book could have been more tightly edited so overall this is a satisfactory resolution to the series.

Recommended by:  Barbara Fiehn EdD, Western Kentucky University, Kentucky USA

329 pages   9780385738217

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