The Team Player

The Team Player
The Team Player
The Team Player

Protector, Helper, Defender, Sentinel

These readers are looking for their place to belong and will connect to characters who are finding that place for themselves.

They enjoy stories centered in the world of people: friends, family, teams and heroes and they can be set at school, at home, in sports, in the past or in some situation with danger. They use their five senses to ground themselves, to connect to the world and to look for the right way to do things.

Family, friends, animals, relationships, spies, the military can all be central to stories they enjoy and can be centered in humor, action/adventure or books in a series are great for them and they may need to read in numerical order.

The life of the underdog can entertain. They also enjoy the books of sports’ statistics and world records. Books with best friends, a chance to be a detective, humor, and a basic sense of world justice resonate with them.

Their favorite character may be someone who has a hard time getting things right all the time, could be the kids next door who are trying to navigate a social problem in their world whether at school, on a team or at home or could be someone their age taking on danger or solving a mystery case.

Toddler versions of this reader love to listen to stories.  They will enjoy funny books, books about animals, books about friends.  They will probably sit still for a story and will enjoy hearing a story at bedtime…. or maybe a lot of stories at bedtime.  As they move into preschool and kindergarten, they enjoy beginning books in a series like Biscuit, Fly Guy,  Young Cam Jansen, Amelia Bedelia, Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa, and the Magic Tree House series.


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