The Investigator

The Analyst
The Analyst
The Analyst
The Investigator

Strategist, Debater, Analyst, Expert

This highly analytical and logical reader looks at life and books with a need to figure out how to do things in the best way. They are highly creative and visionary; have wonderful imaginations and intellectual curiosity. They appreciate the craftsmanship of a well-written book and wordplay.

Their need is to acquire knowledge of best practices and useful information. Their interests include systems of all kinds, a scientific or political theories, or concepts or how to build the best mousetrap. They naturally test every idea and don’t need to hang on to doing things the same old way. Competence is of utter importance to this reader so the world-building needs to make sense, as do the plot and the supporting details. Characters need to be solid, exceptional in some unique way, intelligent, made of integrity and potentially holding the answer to how to gain more control over the human experience in the world.

This reader enjoys solving puzzles and loves wordplay and language. She or he will appreciate fine writing and sophisticated plot building. Characters need to reflect values of integrity, honor, and to be highly competent at what they do.  They prefer a story centered on a significant challenge so they can understand how it was solved successfully and learn from that process.

Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy books that give them information about the world.  Dinosaurs, large vehicles, stories about problem solving (i.e. firefighters and policewomen) may keep them coming back for more.

The Let’s Read and Find Out Science series can hold treasure for them as well as some early mythology and the Rookie Reader biographies (as read alouds).

Load up on stacks of early reader non-fiction when this reader reaches kindergarten and early elementary.  David Wiesner, Chris Van Allsburg picture books may draw them.  Also the Egielski and Yorinks books may be right on target for them with their level of sophistication.   Picture books about dragons and other mythical creatures can work, i.e. Dragonology and other books in this clever series.  The You Wouldn’t Want to Be series is a great source of fun for them as well.

They enjoy non-fiction books, books of world records, award winning books and books with puzzles and mental challenges whether science fiction, fantasy or historical fiction.

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