The Champion

The Champion
The Champion
The Champion
The Champion

Knight, Healer, Seeker, Idealist

What makes a great man? What does it mean to be a god? What makes a great woman? What makes a goddess?

These readers love to root for the underdog, and love a hero or a heroine especially one who discovers her or his own paranormal abilities/powers. They like a story with great heart and great hope. Their focus is on the characters, the people, the relationships, the interactions and above all, the becoming.

Horses, dolphins, wolves, dogs, owls, the paranormal, characters who are underdogs, romance and greater purpose can reach that special place where they live happily ever after.

They are highly intuitive and have an uncanny sense that there is more to our world than what is experienced with the five senses.

They search for stories where their characters discover their special gifts and what they are meant to do in the world.  They need to understand what it means to be a great man or a great woman.  Their characters will have their souls tested and may inhabit worlds that include powers and abilities that are beyond their comfort zone and beyond the known whether they are horses, dogs, or humans.

They enjoy emotion in their stories and appreciate a character who is searching for a sense of identity, a sense of their purpose or mission in the world, and a quest for something that will make the world a better for all.

Goodness and hope are essential to their stories though they are willing to read about the suffering and struggle of a character as long as there they are headed to a triumph and a happy ending.  They want to grow internally and their stories need to have a plot and/or characters that become great or overcome a dark injustice

They appreciate a plot-driven story. Great power in their characters feels normal to them even and they enjoy reading about a character who seems lacking in power and ability and then grows to spectacular strength and capability.  Deeply felt relationships and adventures are their familiar place.  They will enjoy a character driven story as long as the emotion of the characters is central and not left to the imagination.

Toddlers will enjoy fairy tales, books about friendships between animals or people, books about princesses and heroes.  Their early readers might be The Pets to the Rescue series by Andrew Clements, historical fiction like Prairie School by Avi, or an early fantasy series like Secrets of Droon.  Read to them often and as long as you can.

Their book choices can include realistic fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction, romance, mysteries.

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