Princess Sparkle Heart Gets a Makeover


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Clarion Books April 2014
Character-Building Curriculum

The idea of princess sparkle-heart make your stomach turn?  Not interested in a little bit of sparkle?Read on intrepid reader, read on.Amelia loves her doll Princess Sparkle-Heart.  They are best friends who do everything together.  We're talking tea party and royal wedding nirvana.  But all is not well in Sparkle-Heart land.  Beware the dog who growls menacingly on every page.  The dog isn't huge.  The dog isn't front and center.  But the dog means business and the day comes when Princess Sparkle-heart meets her unmaker and needs a little bit of rehab.Amelia sets about collecting the eyes, choosing the hair and so on while her mother ably does the repair work.  Princess Sparkle-heart will never be the same.

This is hilarious for those who do not choose pink for their pillows and bedspreads and satisfying for those who know just how the dog feels about the princess.

978-0544142282   Ages  5-8   32 pages

Recommended by:  Barb

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