Preacher's Boy

Preacher's Boy

As our century turned to 2000, Katherine Paterson wondered about life when we turned to 1900. This is the story of a young boy, Robbie, who is growing up at the turn of that other century. Robbie is the son of a preacher and, as such, is held to a higher standard of conduct. He struggles with these expectations, with his feelings about his brother, Elliot, with the new ideas brought into his world by Darwinism, and finally with Vile and her father who have moved into Robbie's special place, a cabin. As always, Katherine Paterson's characters ring true, and the challenges of Robbie's heart and conscience pull on the heart and honor of her readers. How would you feel if you heard your father talking gently and in heartfelt terms to your brother in a way you knew he had never talked to you before? How would you feel if you heard your father cry? Ages 10-13 190 pages

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