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"So...you all have superpowers?" Twelve-year-old Daniel is not thrilled when his family moves to Noble's Green, Pennsylvania. It doesn't look like there's much there for him. Things begin to change as Daniel starts to meet the kids in his neighborhood and in his class at school. First, there's Mollie Lee who in the blink of an eye seems to move from one place to another in time to save Daniel's little brother, Georgie, from being hit by a car. Then, there's Clay the bully and his sidekick, the very aromatic, Bud. Then, on a field trip the whole thing blows wide open when Clay and Bud push Daniel so far that he falls through scaffolding and sees his life coming to an end. Well, that's until he finds himself caught by Eric, who is floating in mid-air. It's time for an explanation. Daniel meets the whole group and is let in on the secret of their superpowers. They are the Supers of Noble's Green and they have three rules. They use their powers only for goodness; they stay away from the quarry; they will lose their powers at age 13. As each Super approaches his or her thirteenth birthday, the others know the powers will disappear and their memories will disappear along with them. Then Daniel has a chance to see exactly what happens on the night of the thirteenth birthday and he sees how the powers are taken. What can a kid with no superpowers do to stop this evil force? Filled with suspense, the story asks the question, what are you doing with your power? Great action adventure and wonderful twists and turns make this a real page turner. 288 pages (This would be a great book to pair with T.A.Barron's The Heroes Trail: Guide for a Heroic Life.)

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