Outlaw: The Legend of Robin Hood

Outlaw:  The Legend of Robin Hood

A young boy, Robin, watches in horror as his father shoots an arrow through the heart of a friend. The boy vows to grow up to save people not to kill them and in the moment of this vow, his father agrees that from that moment on he will dedicate himself to teaching his son the skills of archery and combat that he will need. In 1192 this boy is a man and he returns home from the Crusades when he receives word of his father's death. Now the action really begins as Robin of Loxley, begins his violent, noble career as a thief in Sherwood Forest. He is up against the Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy with his designs on Maid Marian and his plan to put Prince John on the throne in the absence of King Richard. When Robin hears of Eleanor's plan to raise money for King Richard's ransom, he starts a campaign to rob the rich, give to the villagers and save much to send for the King's ransom. The cause is noble. The heart is valiant. The love between Marian and Robin is alive but unrequited. Done as a graphic novel, the action is constant and the description is sparse. Perfect for a young reader who enjoys action adventure with a touch of the search for the greater good and true heroism.

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