One Dog and His Boy

One Dog and His Boy

Hal only wants one thing....a dog. His parents have all the money they need plus some and they buy him ... or actually they pay someone to buy him his birthday gifts... but they won't get him a dog. His mother doesn't want any hairs in the house- and we're talking not one- on her carpet.

  His father practically invented the phrase frequent flyer and is rarely home. Plenty of gifts arrive for Hal's birthday selected by the personal shopper from a popular expensive toy store. But when Dad forgets Hal's presents on his way back from one of his trips, he finally gives in and promises Hal a dog. Hal is thrilled. But what he doesn't realize as he peruses the pets at the local Easy Pets dog store is that his parents aren't buying a dog...they're renting. This dog will be a three day rental at most. On the last day of the rental, Hal is sent off to the dentist and is betrayed by his parents. His beloved dog, Fleck is returned to Easy Pets where he rejoins a band of characters each with a story that will be revealed.

  Hal makes a decision. He will steal Fleck back and run for it

  This is an amazing story that reaches beyond the action into those other little places in your heart and your invisible self. Is there a place for everyone? If you are willing to trust and to risk, can you find the place where you belong? Written with hope and moments of sacrifice that tear at your heart, the story grows and grows and deepens. This is a wonderful journey tale told with great understanding about searching for how you fit in and where you can find the love you deserve. Delightful and satisfying.

Ages 8 and up  (Barb)  280 pages  978-0545351966

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