Notes From A Liar and Her Dog

Notes From A Liar and Her Dog

Ant is pretty sure she is not really part of her family. Her sisters, their highnesses, are so pretty and perfect while she is dark and plain and not so perfect. Her feelings run deep and it's a really good thing she has a good friend like Emerson with a father who gives you room to breathe, explore and create. Back at Ant's house her mother is watching her carefully but not so carefully that she would realize that Ant trades report cards with Emerson and brings home the one with the C's and lets Emerson take home the one with all the A's. Mom doesn't notice either when Ant is going to the Mathathon and wishing with all her heart that someone in her family would care enough to ask, to really want to know what's going on in her world. There is one person though, Just Carol, a teacher, who sees Ant and wants her world to be a bit better. This is a story built on a deepening lack of trust as seen through the sensitive and funny eyes of a girl searching for her place and her sense of self. You'll alternate between laughs and heartache. Ages 9-12

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