Noodle Magic


"Written in the style of a Chinese folk story."

Grandpa Tu makes the most amazing noodles with the magic in his hands and "a bit of dough."  Everyone admires  as he kneads, slaps and stretches the dough on the table.  Even the Moon Goddess is amazed by his dexterity.

The Emperor's birthday is coming and everyone is excited and busy with their preparations.  Mei watches her granfather work his magic with the noodles.  On the day before the Emperoro's birthday, everyone is busy except Grandpa Tu.  He tells Mei it's time for her to make noodle magic.

But no matter how hard she tries, her noodles are ordinary.  Where can she find the magic to make her noodles extraordinary.

What extraordinary thing can you make with your magic?

978-0545521673  Ages 4-8  32 pages

Keywords: heritage, multigenerational, Asia

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


From the publisher:

Everyone has the magic within!

Grandpa Tu is famous for his special noodles, and as the emperor's birthday approaches, he teaches his granddaughter, Mei, the family trade. Mei struggles to find the magic needed to make noodles. Ultimately, she finds the magic--and the ability to succeed--within. Mei doesn't just make noodles--her magic noodles in varied shapes and sizes rain down from the sky!

NOODLE MAGIC is written in the style of a Chinese folk story, with engaging cultural and community aspects. The family connection that's at the heart of the story has universal appeal. The grandfather and granddaughter work together to accomplish what one could not do alone. Meilo So, whose BRUSH OF THE GODS received four starred reviews, brings the story to life with beautiful, breathtaking illustrations.

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