Night Noises

Night Noises

Lily Laceby may be ninety years old but people are really only guessing. She has creaky knees and hair like cobwebs and her best friends, "a fat old dog called Butch Aggie." Lily may be old as the hills but her clothes are bright and alive and she lives in a house warmed with yellow and green and friendship.

One night Lily Laceby falls asleep in her chair "snug and warm." As she snoozes, noises come out of the night. Butch Aggie is listening carefully and watchfully to each sound. There is the sound of a car door, feet tiptoe up to the house, voices whisper in the bushes and then an eye appears in the keyhole of the door. Through it all Butch Aggie is getting more and more on her guard while happily, Lily Laceby dreams the story of her life from her wedding to the birth of her baby....and then suddenly the noise wakes her up. She courageously approaches the door, opens it with great suspense and then....

This is a lovely story about the gift of a life well-lived and the joy of generations of family coming together to share love and honor the journey. 32 pages Ages 4-8

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