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Katherine Tegen Books March 2020
Science Curriculum

Award-winning author-illustrator Henry Cole soars to new heights in this stunning picture book about robins: their homes, their lives, and their families.

In this black-and-white picture book highlighted with robin’s egg blue, the reader will follow two robins as they build a nest with twigs and grass. Then mother robin lays four beautiful blue eggs and will keep the eggs warm in the nest until they hatch into four baby robins.

The father robin protects the babies until they can fly on their own. The perils the babies encounter are many, including snakes and storms. The nest is always their safe place.

Nesting provides introductory biology and animal science concepts for very young children, and also makes a spectacular springtime gift.

Award-winning author-illustrator Henry Cole has re-created the life story of the robin with simple text and stunning artwork. Nesting is the perfect primer for young bird-watchers and nature lovers. The beautiful, intricate black-and-white illustrations are illuminated with lovely washes of blue that breathe life into the artwork.--from the publisher

 40 pages 978-0062885920 Ages 4-8

Keywords: birds, robins, science, STEM, nature, spring, seasons, cycles, nests, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, Science Curriculum

Editor's note: Though considered to be fiction, the information provide in this story is all true to nature and told by a former science teacher, Henry Cole.

************ “Robin in the rain

You don’t mind the weather

Showers always make you gay

But the worms are wishing you would stay at home

Robin on a rainy day”

-- Raffi (1976)

“Day after day, the babies need more food. The parents make many, many trips.

Down below, a snake sees the robins’ nest. The snake is hungry, too, and climbs the apple tree.”

My earliest childhood memories include robins in our backyard apple tree, above the swing. I hope that, wherever you are, the robins are singing somewhere nearby for you.

NESTING by Henry Cole is a stunningly beautiful picture book in which a pair of robins build a nest, hatch four eggs, and raise the babies. It’s all true to nature, making this a valuable science book as well as an entertaining story. There is love, danger, and the excitement of first flights.

The exceptionally detailed black and white micron pen drawings are occasionally highlighted in blue--the robin eggs and touches of sky.

The world has changed in a billion ways since I first experienced robins. It’s comforting to visit my little grandkids and see them fascinated by the robins singing and fluttering in their backyard. This beautiful picture book captures these little creatures in their own world.

Recommended by: Richie Partington, MLIS, California USA

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