Mr. Benjamin's Suitcase of Secrets (Based on a very true story about Walter Benjamin)

Mr. Benjamin's Suitcase of Secrets (Based on a very true story about Walter Benjamin)

Extraordinary dangerous.  At least they are in the country where Mr. Benjamin lives.  Mr. Benjamin is a philosopher who lives in a big city.  Then one day his government  decided to arrest anyone and everyone who had an extraordinary idea.  Those people are too dangerous.  Mr. Benjamin stayed as long as he could but finally the day came when he realized he needed to leave.  All the roads were blocked so he visited his friend Mrs. Fittko who knew all the secret paths that led out. He found a many people had come to see Mrs. Fittko to ask for her help.

Mr. Benjamin joined a group of others who wanted to leave this country.  The path they took was hard.  it was filled with boulders and steep stairs and blackberry bushes.  All along that hard path Mr. Benjamin carried his very heavy suitcase.  It was filled with things that mattered in our world.  It was filled with things that mattered more than his own life.

When they finally reached the border, Mr. Benjamin was told he could not cross over.  What happened to Mr. Benjamin?  What happened to his suitcase?  What was in that suitcase that mattered so much to him and to the world?

This important bit of history highlights the suppression of ideas and differences that flooded the world in the era of World War II.  Mr. Walter Benjamin was one of Germany's important philosophers and authors.  He fled that country.  Past is prologue.

48 pages    978-0735842809     Ages 5-9

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


What's in his suitcase?

Mr. Benjamin is a philosopher with extraordinary ideas. But when his country begins punishing people for being different, he must escape. Over hills and valleys he trudges with a heavy suitcase. What could he be carrying?

A compelling story, beautifully illustrated by Pei-Yu Chang, about the importance of personal freedom and the distances we go to protect them—based on a true story of Walter Benjamin.--from the publisher

48 pages    978-0735842809     Ages 5-9

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