Motor Miles


"Miles does not come when he is called. He does not like going for walks, his food, other dogs, or the rain. What Miles does like is going for drives in the car. So when Mr. Huddy makes Miles a car of his own, Miles becomes a much happier dog. And now he and his friend Norman can go on all sorts of adventures! Inspired by his own dog, Miles, renowned children’s book author and illustrator John Burningham (who celebrated his eightieth birthday this year) creates a new picture book offering all the charm and exuberance of his best work."--from the publisher

32 pages              978-0763690649          Ages 3-7


Imaginations deserve to run wild.  They deserve to be used and to think up happy adventures and miles and miles of possibilities.

Meet Miles, the dog.  He lives with Alice Thedge and her son, Norman, and he is loved.  But Miles life is filled with things he does not like to include rain, his food and other dogs.  To put it plainly, Miles is a picky, cranky and difficult dog.

This is where neighbors are so important.  Mr. Huddy, next door, had  noticed Miles and had recognized that what Miles needed was a car of his own.  Miles needed to go places and make his own adventures and maybe even see what life is like in the great big wide world.

To the delight of many of us, Miles is about to set forth and he will be joined by his able adventuring friend, Norman.

Her is a letting go of rules, of limitations and of the word, "No."  Here is a place where, "Yes," lives a happy ever after and curiosity and risk are naturally successful.

Could there possibly be more?

32 pages              978-0763690649          Ages 3-7

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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