Monster Hunt

Monster Hunt

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Disney Hyperion Books, 2011

Can you imagine finding a giant squid in the ocean whose tentacles stretch 22 feet wide and are "powerful enough to haul a ship out to sea?" Mariners have told tales of these monsters for centuries and even had a name for them...kraken. In 2004 Japanese researchers sighted a living giant squid. They are real. If giant squid are real, what other monsters might be out there? How about Bigfoot? Or the Komodo dragon? Is the Loch Ness Monster real? Could that loch really support a creature of that size? Come along with naturalist Jim Arnosky as he delights in and explores the possibilities of these mysterious monsters. The books pairs artists' renderings of the various monsters along with informational text about what is known about each one. 32 pages Ages 7-11

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