It was just an ordinary evening filled with paper-correcting and wireless fiddling, newspaper reading and piano practicing when suddenly outer space came visiting and dropped a fiery meteor out in the middle of the yard.  Wow!  Talk about some good luck!  Of all the places it could have landed, it picked their house to streak past.

Word spreads throughout the town and the meteor story grows and grows until everyone needs to come visiting to view the damage.  A whole parade including the high school band and the traveling circus shows up to add to the noise and the merriment.  Scientists get the word and join in the educational enterprise.  

This is one special meteor and maybe, just maybe, it brought some magic with it that can make you special too.

Great read aloud and when Patricia Polacco does school visits she brings along a piece of that magical meteor so everyone can make a wish!

Ages 5-9  

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