Maybe A Fox


Sisterhood.... has times when it's all about competition and being different but sisterhood always has an underlying love and a bond that surpass all the angry words and slights.

Our story opens as Jules is angry at her older sister Sylvie.  Jules is tired of wishing her sister would "wait up" for her so they could be together.  Sylvie is always running off and Sylvie has a talent for running fast.  But Sylvie also has her moments when she says to Jules, "It's you and me, sister. We got each other's backs."

On this morning the wonder of snow calls to them.   They head outside together to build a snow family complete with a snow mom.  That snow mom is their only mom.  A few years back in a completely shocking and unexpected moment their mom  suddenly dropped a jar of mustard and collapsed with an unseen heart defect.  Sylvie ran for help. She ran as fast as she could.  She did not run fast enough to save her mother.

Now Jules and Sylvie live inside their father's Do Not rules.  Do not mess with wild animals, do not get out of earshot of the house, and most powerfully do not ever go to the Slip, a place of danger in the woods near their home.  

In a parallel world a mother fox is ready to have her kits.  Deep in the woods near to Sylvie and Jules she waits and the day comes when her two little males and one female are born.  Older Brother, Younger Brother and Senna snuggle deep in the den thirty feet below the world of human beings.  Senna is special.  Her mother instantly senses the power she has brought with her from the other place where she waited to be born.

So Jules and Sylvie live in a world of do nots. They also live in a world of maybes and what ifs.  What if Sylvie had run fast enough?  What happens when you die?  What stays with us when we lose someone precious and what is lost forever?Who do we become in the time of "after?"

Jules has a mystery to solve.  She has to make peace with herself and her questions.  Senna has to follow her path.  What happens when the two meet is an amazing moment in children's literature.  A child holding all of the wonder and gifts and love she is born with meeting a wild creature born of the same place and bringing with her the energy and the love and above all the spirit that is the wellspring for us all.

This is a deeply poignant, wise, and ethereal story.  Our characters live in two worlds, the one that needs them to do their homework everyday and the one where their soul is struggling to find its way back to love and security.  Deeply heart-wrenching is the best way to describe it.

For our Seeker and Joan of Arc readers this will ring as familiar territory.  They sense the other place every day and it is wonderful to have it mirrored for them so they know they are seen, understood and valued for the extrasensory reality that is their birthright.

Ages 10-14   978-1442482425   256 pages

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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