Mad Scientist Academy: The Space Disaster


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Crown Books for Young Readers 2017
Science Curriculum

"One morning at Mad Scientist Academy..." the student hear a noise.  It turns out to be their teacher, Dr. Cosmic, and he's gotten hung up in the model of our Solar System so he's hanging in the air attached to Saturn.  With the good doctor, suspended in air, the voice of Commander Nova, an astronomer, is heard.  Commander Nova is actually out in space in the Mad Scientist Academy Space Station and is circling Earth courtesy of a little invisible thing called gravity.

For today's lessons the students take the elevator up to the planetarium where Dr. Cosmic has programmed the computers to give them four challenges to solve.  If you've read any of the other books in this series, you know this is about the time for everything to start exploding.  You're right.  The computer goes wacky and the kids start flying around the room until they "land" on a new world.  Where are they?

This is a chance to learn some pretty amazing things about the planets, moons and asteroids that make up our solar system.  "Whooosh, " "Zapppp,"  "BeepBeepBeepBeep."

Hold onto your handbooks and watch out for the Icarus Machine!

40 pages     978-0553523829    Ages 5-9

Other titles in this series:  Mad Scientist Academy: Dinosaur Disaster;  Mad Scientist Academy:  Weather Disaster

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


Fans of Ada Twist, Scientist, will want to join Dr. Cosmic’s class of clever monsters as they tackle gravity, comets, and many moons in the third book of the Mad Scientist Academy series.

When Dr. Cosmic’s class meets Commander Nova, the school astronomer, they know their next lesson will be out of this world!

With the help of Dr. Cosmic’s latest invention—a planetarium—the class must complete four challenges. Each time the planetarium shifts and the atmosphere changes, the students find themselves floating from planet to planet. They put their new magnetic antigravity belts and trusted handbooks to the test to figure out where in the solar system Dr. Cosmic’s invention has “sent” them—and how to land safely back on Earth.--from the publisher


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