Lunch Lady and The League of Librarians

Lunch Lady and The League of Librarians

The lunch ladies in your school create meals that get you through the day, but what if they did a little more than just give you an extra tater tot or two? What if they were part of a secret society that protected kids from danger? 

  Good thing Lunch Lady is there because something strange is going on in the library.  The usually nice librarian has changed and seems to be hiding something.  Behind the closed doors it appears the librarian has gone rogue and wants to destroy all of evil technology.  She's declared war on video games.

  Lunch Lady and her trust sidekick Betty will have to use all their inventive gadgets to outwit the librarian in this one.  Bring on the Taco Vision  Night  Goggles and the Sonic-boom Juice Boxes.

  Beware the Readathon, the bookfairs and above all the beasts of the books brought forth from the pages with all of their secret powers.  (Book 2)

Ages 7-10   96 pages   978-0375846847

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