Luna and Me: The True Story of a Girl Who Lived in a Tree to Save a Forest


Close to a thousand years ago a redwood tree sprang up on a hillside in California.  Over the years it grew to be 200 ft. tall and people gave it a name:  Luna.

Thirteen thousand full moons later, a girl named Julia was born. Julia loved to be outside in nature.  One day she discovered Luna on her hillside.  She learned that Luna was going to be cut down and she wanted the tree to be spared.  She cared so much about the tree that she decided to do something a child could do.

Julia, nicknamed Butterfly, climbed up into Luna, made herself a small tree house and stayed there for two years.  Was it easy?  No.  Storms came and Julia got scared.

On good days Julia climbed up and down Luna and discovered her secrets.  Then, on the 738th day, Butterfly got a message.  Luna was safe. No one would cut her down.  At long last, Julia cam down out of Luna's beautiful branches.

Time is a wondrous thing.  When you see a tall tree, you don't necessarily think about how old it is.  The author uses time here to show us how long the life of a tree can be and she talks it to us in nature time... thirteen thousand full moons later.. think about what that means.   As you read the story, you feel how connected Butterfly is to the natural world.  She knows it is her true home and she is willing to fight for it.  Do you see nature in your own world?  Do you wonder about your trees?

One person can make a difference even if they are young.   This is based on a true story.

40 pages          978-0805099768         Ages 5-10

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


"Once there was a redwood tree―one of the world's largest and tallest trees, and one of the oldest. And once, born nearly a thousand years after the tree first took root, there was a girl named Julia, who was called Butterfly.

When exploring her beloved forest, Butterfly wandered into a grove of ancient trees. One tree had broken branches and a big blue "X" on the side. It was going to be chopped down. Butterfly climbed up into the tree. A tree wouldn't be cut down if it had a person living in it. This is the story of Julia Butterfly Hill and Luna, the redwood tree she lived in for two years, never once coming down. That is, not until Luna's future was safe."--from the publisher


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