Lucy Variations


Ten-year-old Lucy Beck Moreau walked away from the piano at a most critical moment in her career as a concert pianist.  All the careful planning, coaching and investing from her grandfather, her mother and her teacher evaporated in that instant when Lucy said, "No."

It wasn't that she didn't have what it took.  She had a great talent and she couldn't have put it into words but somewhere inside of her she knew there was no love in her for what she was being asked to do.  Her beloved grandmother had assured her time and time again that things work out for the best in this world and Lucy put her trust in those words and made her own choice for the first time in her life.

Now at sixteen Lucy is battling crushes on older men, her grandfather's stifling control, her mother, and her own change of heart.  Maybe she does want to play the piano again.

Perfectly pitched in a world of imperfect friends, love unnoticed, divorce, and a search for enough people to tell her she really is good enough, this is a coming of age story told with a refreshing ambiguity.  Not everything is as black and white as those eighty-eight keys on the piano keyboard.  In some places the lines blur, the feelings falter, and the path is not quite as clear as you expected and hoped it would be. 

Great for readers who enjoy a girl who is finding herself, her best self, and learning to stand up for who she is and what she needs in her world.

Ages  14 and up  (language, some intimate scenes, no outright sex)  978-0316205016  304 pages

Recommended by:  Barb,

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