Lucky Lazlo


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Candlewick 2016
Character-Building Curriculum

I love Steve Light picture books. He has such a great sense of pacing and fun.  

Lazlo is having one of those amazing lucky days.  He went to buy a red rose and got the very last one.  How lucky!  He is in love with a girl (a diverse relationship) who is starring in a play and he has a ticket in the very front row.  Lucky, lucky, lucky Lazlo.

And then.... yep here it comes...he runs into a lamppost and loses his rose.  Life just has a way of doing that, doesn't it?  A lucky cat grabs the rose and we are off and running.

A fabulous sequence of slapstick humor is what follows as Lazlo follows the cat high and low and even across the stage of the theater...he is so lucky, he might even bring down the house.

This starts a little bit slow but once you get into the chase scene..which is only a few pages into the story... every giggly girl and boy who loves to see things go wrong instead of right will have a new favorite.

(Turns out for those who know the world of theater and its superstitions, this is a hilarious introduction to things like "break a leg" and "don't give flowers before a show."    Readers will enjoy the story whether they catch the superstitions or not and for those who know them, this will be an extra hilarious romp.

32 pages  978-0763688257  Ages 4-7

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,



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