Lottie and Walter (Lottie & Walter)


Most of us know that feeling we have somewhere inside of us that wakes us and makes us really, really afraid to do something.  You know, the reason you will never ever be able to ......(fill in the blank) ....because it's just too scary to try.  For Lottie that feeling looks a whole lot like the shark that is waiting in the local swimming pool where Lottie goes for her swim lessons.

Nobody else can see the shark in the pool and Lottie knows it isn't there to eat the other children who are swimming away.  It's waiting to eat Lottie, the minute she finally gets up her courage and dips a toe into the blue water.  Chomp!  She'll be a goner.  Too scared to try, Lottie sits on the side of the pool week after week.

Then, one day another feeling shows up.  This feeling deserves a trophy, the entire lottery prize, gallons and gallons of ice cream....well, you get the idea.  This is a feeling to treasure...to aspire to even.  This feeling turns out to be named Walter and he is a large, gentle, lovable walrus who truly enjoys singing.  Lottie....swim in the pool?..... let's turn the page, shall we?

For every anxious child and/or adult out there, come and meet Walter.  He's a glorious, sublime fellow who can fill the dark spaces inside of us with light, laughter, joy and rollicking reassurance.  Walter is what every anxious child is hoping will show up.

A lovely book that will offer every anxious child..and which of us is not that child I ask you.... hope and happy days.

40 pages            978-1328470386            Ages 4-7

Keywords:  anxiety, fears, new experiences, water, swimming, worrying, emotional intelligence, encouragement, resilience, walrus, friendship, empathy, kindness, compassion, courage, bravery, trying new things, swimming lessons, self reliance, self confidence

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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