Football!  Friday night lights!  We’re talking middle school Texas footballers who eat, drink and breathe the ground game, the pass plays and some dy-no-mite defensive plays.

Twelve-year-old Clay lives for football.  He’s the quarterback for his school team.  His mother comes to every game; they invite Coach Coop over for dinner a couple of times a week and when they aren’t playing football, practicing football or talking football the whole family can be found in front of the television watching football.  It’s their life blood.

So they weren’t expecting Antrel Vance to put a hit on Clay.  It was a clean hit. It was entirely legal.  He just wanted to stop Clay and knock the ball out of his hands.  Clay got up.  His ears were ringing.  His mother was half way out of the stands coming to see if he needed medical attention.  Clay could still feel the burn