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Scholastic 2010
Science Curriculum

Is there anything better than a great photograph of something you're really curious about? We can thank Nic Bishop for turning his great talent for photography into a series of powerfully engaging books that bring our kids closer to the natural world that awaits them. This book explores the surprising world of lizards. There are photographs of lizards flying through the air, "running" on their bellies, and apparently walking on water. Intrigued? There's a magical quality to it all that comes from the combination of photographs of exotic lizards that are enlarged three or even five times their natural size so you get a really good up close and personal look at these little guys along with the informative narrative that is filled with evocative facts. This isn't just your usual "they are two inches long and eat bugs" kind of non-fiction. Learn about surviving as a baby lizard, molting your skin, where to find them, and even how they get water to survive. One lizard drags its belly along the ground and channels the water to its mouth. It's an invitation to become aware of the adaptations and the wonder in the natural world all around us. Ages 5-11 48 pages Series includes Butterflies, Frogs, Snow Leopards

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