Little Snow Goose


This little fox cub is an adventurous little guy and one day he wanders far from home and finds a goose. He jumps at her and frightens her off leaving one white egg left uncared for. Fox knows what to do and sits on the egg to keep it warm. When the egg hatches, the little snow goose pops out and looks to fox for care. The two become friends with fox encouraging goose to learn to fly and eventually to go looking for the snow goose's family. Will they be able to find snow goose's mother? Will snow goose be able to figure out who he is and return to his own kind? This is a gentle book about figuring out who you are and about caring for others.

28 pages 978-0525421665 Ages 3-5

Recommended by: Barb Langridge, ******* "A fuzzy little goose soars into big adventure in this lavishly embossed gift book What?s a friendly fox to do when he finds a lonely goose egg? Deep in the snowy north, an unlikely friendship hatches and grows between a mischievous fox cub and a lovable little goose. Sparkling fun and a warm family tale await nature lovers of all ages in this adorably illustrated, beautifully embossed book."--from the publisher

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