Mouse Adventures, Book 1: Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse


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NorthSouth May 2014
Social Studies Curriculum

Once upon a time there was a young mouse who loved to hole up with some books and wile away the hours in the land of literature.  One day, after months away deep in his studies, the little mouse reappeared  and found his city quiet.  Too quiet.  A few days of surveying the landscape told the mouse a harsh truth.  He was the only mouse left in his city. Every other mouse had vanished.

A turn of the page will quickly reveal the reason for the mass exodus.  Our learned mouse finds himself surrounded by a crowd of mechanical mousetraps each eagerly poised to end it all.  Reading the local German papers, our mouse soon recognizes why his friends are gone and begins to consider where he too might seek refuge from the horror of his once welcoming home.

Each turn of the sepia-toned pages of this adventure, reveal a feast for the eyes.  Those who enjoy searching for detail will have glorious crevices to search and our deeply caring readers will find glorious heart and hope lingering in the light.

Dark and light flash as our mouse discovers he cannot flee through the ports.  They are tightly guarded by intent felines.  Then a chance encounter with his cousin, the bat, plants the glimmer of an idea in his mind.  

After some clumsy attempts don't take off, our mouse triumphantly devises a small plane for himself and with goggles in place and propellers whirring, he rushes the runway and outflies a hungry owl, to climb high in the sky and venture daringly across the ocean.

Our hero lands to great cheers and off in the wings, we see a young boy reading the posters heralding the mouse's achievement.  The young student of the mouse is a lad by the name of Charles Lindbergh.

The illustrations in this story fill the pages with drama and a sense of excitement and a suggestion of times past.  They are beautifully rendered and a very young child could "read" this book and get the basic plot line simply by inferring from the pictures.  

This is a unique adventure story done nearly as a graphic novel.   Fabulous.

978-0735841673  96 pages  Ages  6-11

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(A Common Core State Standards Aligned Educator's Guide for Grades 2,3,4)

Recommended by:  Barb,

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