Let's Read and Find Out About Science: Shooting Stars

Let's Read and Find Out About Science:  Shooting Stars

Have you ever gone out at night when it’s dark and watched for stars that shoot across the sky?Sometimes they move so quickly you aren’t sure you really saw them.But these aren’t really stars.The bits of rock or metal that fall to Earth are meteroids and the meteroid that “makes a light streak in the sky, ..is called a meteor.”Why does it make that light as it streaks through our sky?If the rock hits the Earth, we call it a meteorite.Can you imagine sitting in your house and having a meteorite crash through and hit you?

If you’re willing to gaze at the sky for about an hour, you are almost sure to see a shooting star.Is it really a star?Where does the word meteor come from?What’s a meteorite?What happens when a meteorite crashes into the Earth?Ever seen the crater in Winslow, Arizona?This is another wonderful book in the “Let’s Read and Find Out About Science” series that is such a great resource for those young, male readers who say they’ve outgrown stories but still need to read.

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