Lest We Forget: The Passage from Africa into the Twenty-First Century



This elegant bind-up of three collectible books by Velma Maia Thomas—Lest We ForgetFreedom’s Children, and We Shall Not Be Moved—offers an intimate look at black history in America through the lens of a passionate historian committed to preserving these important accounts, along with related memorabilia.Based on materials from the nationally acclaimed Black Holocaust Exhibit, Lest We Forget documents the plight of an estimated 100 million Africans, from their rich pre-slavery culture to their enslavement in a foreign land. This book is a collection of stirring historic papers, memoirs, personal effects, and photographs brought to life in a unique, three-dimensional, interactive format. Lest We Forget chronicles the unyielding strength of a people who refused to be broken.

Taste the sweetness of freedom and the bitter struggle for equality through the documents that impacted the lives of an entire race. Freedom’s Children is a stirring collection of photographs and removable documents that bring to life the heart-wrenching and inspiring tale of freedmen and freedwomen during Reconstruction and into the twentieth century.

Throughout the twentieth century, African Americans would trouble the waters of America—agitating, challenging, and defying the status quo. We Shall Not Be Moved chronicles the struggles and triumphs of African Americans leading up to and during the Civil Rights Movement. Feel the strength of those entrenched in the fight for justice through interactive, removable documents. --from the publisher

128 pages         978-0760363829         Ages 14 and up  (Grades 9 and up)


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