One thing for sure: no one could see them but him and the janitor.  And Spencer had a feeling that he wasn't supposed to be on that list.

If you have ever thought that school put you to sleep, you may be on to something.  The janitors at Welcher Elementary know a secret that is responsible for draining the smarts out of elementary kids, and 12-year-old Spencer is about to discover that secret.  Spencer and his classmate Daisy are recruited to join a secret janitorial society to protect their school, and possibly the world, from the effects of Toxites called Grime, Rubbish and Filth. This book’s short chapters and almost non-stop action move the fast-paced plot along.

Recommended for ages 9-12.  978-1609080563  294 pages

Secrets of the New Forest is book 2; Curse of the Broomstaff is book 3


Recommended by Alice Cyphers, Librarian, Pennsylvania, USA


Spencer Zumbro is trying to stay awake in class.  He doesn't want to fall asleep and give the class bully, Dez, the chance to write on his face again.  The whole school is laughing at him.  Then his eyes spot something strange...something that looks like a bat.  He tries to warn his classmates but no one else sees it and now things just get tougher for him with the other kids at school.

Why can Spencer see what no one else can see?  In the hallway after school Spencer sees another creature and this time he watches the janitor, Marv, and Spencer knows Marv can sere those invisible creatures too.

Where can Spencer get help?  How can he find out what's going on?  When Spencer learns that the the Bureau of Education Management is sending a team to inspect his school, he hides in the teacher's lounge and then pops out to ask his questions of the BEM representative, Garth Hadley.  As Spencer asks his questions, Garth gets more and more interested.  Seems there is danger lurking here and Garth Hadley and the other BEM officers are here to contain it. The head janitor John Campbell is capturing creatures and holding them inside the school to build up the power to stop all the students from learning.  


Spencer and his new friend, Daisy, team up to fight and help the BEM.  Magic is running wild in this school and Spencer is beginning to wonder whose side he should be on. Adventure, magical powers and teamwork sparkle in this fantasy adventure story.


Recommended by:  Barb, abookandahug.com

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