I Will Come Back For You A Family in Hiding During World War II

I Will Come Back For You  A Family in Hiding During World War II

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Schwartz & Wade Books, September 2011
Social Studies Curriculum

Looking for a picture book to introduce World War II? This is the story of one Jewish family who lived in an apartment in Rome before Italy joined Germany in the war. As the Italian government became more and more harsh, the father in this story was rounded up and sent to live in a village away from his family and had to report for roll call every morning. The separation was difficult but became even more so when word came that Papa was going to be sent to a concentration camp. Is there anything Mama can do to save him or herself? This story touches on the fear that children and parents lived with during these difficult years and the pain of separation and loss.

This is a thoughtful book with gentle illustrations and it follows the grandmother's story of her charm bracelet with each charm representing an important time in her childhood and in the history of her family. Listeners will learn about the struggle and the oppression in a way they can personally relate to. What if your father was being sent away? Why would anyone treat others this way? Great discussion starter. Ages 8 and up 40 pages

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