Idea Jar


Look out.  They're escaping. They're getting out of the jar.  Oh noooooo..... they're running all over the place.  What's going to happen next?

Hey, you know those ideas of yours? The ones that are running around in your head?  Well, if you don't let them out of there and get them into a story, something really wild might start to happen.

Here is the story of a jar filled with ideas...great story ideas.  There's a robot and a dragon and a unicorn...I mean this jar is filled to the brim with great ideas.  It's the teacher's Idea Jar.  Turns out this teacher says a story can be about anything you want it to be.

Stories love to be told.  Ideas love to get out of the jar and turn into stories.  You can tell a story a lot of different ways.

What happens when you get so many story ideas in the Idea Jar that it gets really crowded and all the story ideas decide they want out.  Yikes.  The ideas..they are on the loose.

This is a wonderfully playful story about our ideas and how great they are.  This is a celebration of all story ideas whether they're about pirates or pink dresses they are great.  And the best part is that new story ideas keep showing up in your jar!

Writing prompts galore, this story celebrates writing, storytelling and drawing. However you decide to tell your story, let it out!

40 pages    978-1481451666    Ages 5-9

Keywords:  humor, creative writing, creative process, Language Arts Curriculum, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, writing, writing prompts

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


“Seems destined to help jump-start classroom writing assignments.” —Publishers Weekly "A good starting point for creativity in various forms.” —School Library Journal “This imaginative book is likely to inspire more Idea Jars in classrooms.” —Booklist

From the author of Warning: Do Not Open This Book comes a lively story about a teacher’s special jar where her students keep their story ideas—but watch out when those ideas go on the loose!

The idea jar is where students keep their ideas—anything from a Viking to a space robot to a giant dragon. These ideas can be combined to make new exciting stories. But watch out when the ideas escape the jar—they might get a little rowdy! Adam Lehrhaupt’s newest picture book is sure to inspire creativity, imagination, and adventure.--from the publisher

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