I Used to Be Afraid


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Roaring Brook Press 2015
Character-Building Curriculum

What are you afraid of?  The dark?  Being alone?  Spiders?  

Everyone has something they're afraid of.  But if you step back and really take a look at whatever it is that scares you, you just might start to see another side of it.  Let's take spiders. When you see that scary spider hanging down on its silken thread and your heart starts to pound, step back and let yourself see the beautiful web that spider has made. That spider turns out to be an amazing creature in the natural world that makes our world an amazing place.  Have you ever thought about just how strong spider thread is?  Hmmmm...

Fear by fear you can turn the pages with this reader and peek into the dark through the cut out hole, make your own shadows (not scary at all) with your own two hands, find out it's okay to make a mistake and learn you can have fun being all by yourself.

This is a lovely, exponentially reassuring book custom made for the scared little person inside all of us and for the scared little person sitting next to us.  

Durable pages, bright colors and an empathy for little hearts and souls combine to make this a must for every famlly and every library.

40 pages  978-1596436312  Ages 3-7

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com



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