I Don't Want to Wash My Hands

't want to wash my hands by tony ross

Little Princess just LOVES getting dirty and eating cake. But before she can have her cake, she absolutely must wash her hands! But why, said the Little Princess?

Because she’s been playing outside, playing with the dogs, and using her potty of course! Because there are HORRIBLE germs and nasties out there, living in the dirties, and if they get in your tummy, they can make you ill!

Author and illustrator Tony Ross says of the book, “When I first wrote the story it was about cleanliness at meal times, never in a million years did I think we’d be in the public health crisis we are in and that people would be reading the book this way! I just hope that it can help, and that all the little princesses and princes out there learn to wash their hands!”---from the publisher

32 pages                      9780593324820                     Ages 2-5

Keywords:  princess, wash your hands, cleanliness, germs, health, 2 year old, 3 year old, 4 year old, 5 year old, humor, manners, hygiene


From beloved children's author and illustrator Tony Ross, comes a fun to read and humorous take on the importance of handwashing.

The Little Princess does not want to wash her hands. After all, she's already washed her hands so many times!

She's washed her hands before eating and after going outside. She's washed her hands after sneezing and using the potty. Why should she wash her hands anymore?

Well, because of germs and nasties, she's told, which are too small to even see! But if they get inside your body, they can make you ill. Not even a Princess wants to be in bed all day!

Now the Little Princess knows just what to do! She's got just one more question... "Have you washed your hands?"--from the publisher

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